Type no:CTT101
Category :Tong Line Pull System
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The system Indicates make-up or breakout torque (in pounds of line pull) for tool joints, drill collars, and drill string components. This type of system is used in applications where there are more than on set of tongs being used with different handle lengths. A 6" fluid-filled gauge reads directly in pounds of line pull which works in conjuction with a load cell that is connected directly to the tong handle. To determine the actual torque being applied you multiply the gauge reading by the tong handle length in feet. The gauge comes complete with target pointer that the dirller sets to a corresponding torque requiretment. A large variety of systems are available with up to 30.000 pounds of single line pull.


-Operator Adjustable target pointer that the driller sets to a corresponding torque requirement

-Indicator make up or break out torque (in pounds of line pull) for all oilfield tubulars.

-Capacity ranges from 10.000 pounds to 30.000 pounds of line pull.

-English, Metric and dual scale dial readings available. Customer logo on dial available

-Models and Various of available to work with all manual tongs.

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