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    Product Details:

    The Crane Load and Radius Indicator System is ideal for construction, dockside, and offshore drilling environments, as well as for material Replenishment and salvage operations. Designed for use with gantry, pedestal, derrick, barge, and locomotive cranes, this durable system provides reliable, accurate measurements that help ensure safe lifting operations.


    The system consists of a Load and Radius Gauge, a radius Sensor, a Load Cell, a hydraulic Radius Hose, and a Radius Sensor Hose.


    Large 8-1/2 inch, easy-to-read dial

    Dial available in a wide range of capacities, up to 300,000 pounds

    For use with gantry (revolver and whirly), pedestal, derrick, barge, and locomotive cranes

    For construction, dockside, and offshore drilling environments----and for material Replenishment and salvage operations

    Wide range of models. Dials for multipart line arrangements available.

    For dead-end applications, adaptable to portal, derrick, and pedestal cranes with suspended upper block. Systems can be coupled for multifall crane applications.

    Available with integral jaw x jaw clevis with safety pins.

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