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    Product Details:

    Gauge provides quick, accurate check of mud pump operation

    The systems monitor mud pump operations detect potential problems accurately and efficiently  .The gauge comes in box mount or panel mount configurations. The system consists of 6 inch pressure gauge,a gauge protector or 1:1 piston separator, a high-pressure hose and hand pump.


    Standard capacities included: 7MPa, 14MPa, 21MPa, 35MPa, 42MPa, 80MPa, 100MPa. Also available in PSI, KPa and BAR capacities.
    Diaphragm protector comes complete with a 2"Weco 1502 Nut and female sub.Standard 50-feet hose, with other hose lengths available. For hose lengths over 50 feet, 1:1 piston separator can be used.

    6 inch dial face on gauge allows clear viewing from long distance.
    Rugged design over years of service has proven this gauge to be accurate and dependable in extreme conditions.
    360 degree calibration allows operator to view the smallest pressure changes.
    Damper allows operator to adjust gauge sensitivity to ensure accurate readings in all kinds of pumping conditions.


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